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Exploring the relationship between the media, politics and people

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Go Think Initiative’s focus is to create new approaches in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, where news media is going through a radical change, and the educational system struggles to keep pace with the speed of how technology influences the way we communicate and understand.  Go Think Initiative will develop courses, seminars and workshops to give citizens the tools to face this challenge. We want our citizens to question what they hear and to form opinions based on researched information and an open mind, and we want them to be able to do this for their entire lives.

Go Think Initiative Projects

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We are always open to new initiatives and collaborations.  If you are part of a project, have one in the making or simply want to take part, click "collaborate"!

join the MOVEMENT Towards the future of Media

We are continuously seeking partners, participants, and sponsors for our major projects. Our partners have joined us in forming a consortium that is dedicated to exploring the future of media across Europe, helping us bridge the gap between innovations in communication technology and people's understanding of it and its functions and potentials.


digital & Board games

We are designing game strategies which will not only encourage a greater understanding of the civic sector, but of how the media works, propaganda methods, media innovations and development and what this all means to the player/citizen.

These games can be used to test your level of knowledge, to learn the foundations of civic duties, practices and opportunities, and, what we focus on most, the ways of the media (algorithms, echo chambers, ownership, ethical journalism and more).

V4 Think Media

A series of professional media literacy workshops to be held in the Visegrad countries, as well as across Europe. The first one was held in Prague in February 2018. These workshops will feature key speakers on topics that are specific to the region in which the workshops are held. The content produced at these workshops will be used to assemble a database of educational media literacy content that is accessible to our partners and participants. For more information about this project, please see our V4 Think Media page.


Public workshops and seminars

We frequently offering lectures, workshops and panels open to the public to discuss how the media are acting and influencing current political activity and discourse. Everyone is welcome to attend these events that help you navigate through the ever growing landscape of news and interpretation. 


Information & Critical Thinking

Creating a new generation of informed citizens.