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V4 Think Media

V4 Think Media

Go Think Initiative’s project V4 Think Media (V4TM) involves a series of professional international forums held in the Visegrad capitals, that began in February 2018. Each forum brings together the brightest minds in media, international relations, academia and civil society to discuss the future of media and how the media impacts people's perceptions of politics and international affairs. The output of these forums is material that will be used for media literacy curriculums, press releases, and policy recommendations, and will contribute towards our growing database of resources, which will be made accessible to partners and participants as a framework for future media literacy projects.

Ongoing regional research on each of the Visegrad countries, including mapping out existing media literacy initiatives — their target demographic, how much impact they have, and their specific areas of focus — as well as determining the current level of media literacy in each country, will culminate in reports used to promote dialogue on the importance of media literacy and the impact of its absence.

An important element of these forums, and V4TM as a project, is establishing a network of organisations and individuals who are dedicated to the cause of media literacy.

If you would like to learn more about this project, please don't hesitate to contact us through the form bellow.

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Go Think Initiative Report: "The future of Media and its Impact on Politics and Society: Trends and analysis of the media landscape in the Czech Republic 2018 and beyond"

Roundtable, hosted by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, on the Go Think Initiative comprehensive report: "The future of Media and its Impact on Politics and Society: Trends and analysis of the media landscape in the Czech Republic 2018 and beyond"

We will be publishing the entire report this December.

Denik Referendum wrote about us, read about the roundtable here.

V4TM Prague Forum

We welcomed some of the Czech Republic's most inspiring and innovative people to our Prague V4TM Forum on the 21st of February at Prague's Creative Centre.

Participants of the Forum included:Petr Andrysek (CEO, Social Sharks), Stepan Strebl (Campaign Manager, CZ Pirate Party), Hana de Goeij (International New York Times Consultant), Vojtech Bruk (Zvolsi.info), Jaroslav Kabele (Director of strategy and development, CTK - Czech News Agency), Jacques Rupnik (SciencesPo, Vaclav Havel Library), Jenna Perla (Marketing Manager, Dataweps), Ester Pekna (People in Need, One World in Schools), Eliska Vyhnankova (top social media consultant), Karel Hvizdala (media expert), Michael Adamec (Open Society Foundation), Dominik Vesely (Co-founder, CTO, Ackee), Petr Hamernik (Co-Founder, Geneea)

V4TM Bratislava Forum

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25th of April, European Commission's Representation in Bratislava.

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Participants of the Forum included: Andrea Cox (Director of DigiQ), Lukas Fila (CEO of DennikN), Katarina Klingova (GLOBSEC Policy Institut), Miroslav Mizera (Advisor to the Secretary of State), Andrej Skolkay (Research Director, School of Communication and Media), Robert Zolak (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Matej Kandrik (Stratpol), and others.

V4TM Warsaw Forum

mam pravo wiedec.png

24th of May, 2018 at Mam Prawo Wiediecz

Participants of the Forum included: Magdalena Krukowska (NameBiznes (nine)etyczy), Olgierd Syczewski (Center for European Policy Analysis), Jacek Kucharczyk (President of the Board, Institute of Public Affairs), Joanna Kedzierska (G1ANT, Robotics Automation Software), Adam Leonek (President, Centre for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis), Joanna Krawczyk (Evens Foundation), Jagoda Zakrzewska (American Spaces, US Embassy), Alice Chu (Press Attache, US Embassy), and others.

V4TM is sponsored by The Black Sea Trust, a project of the German Marshall Fund

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