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Creating a new generation of informed and active citizens.


Sustainable Civil Engagement.

The Project

We want our citizens to question what they hear and to form opinions based on researched information and an open mind, and we want them to be able to do this for their whole life.

Through a foundational education in politics, media production and civic studies, and an encouragement to seek a diverse range of news and look at them with an open, critical eye, this projects aims to motivate citizens to make their government accountable to law, rights, justice and their people.  


Educational projects like Go Think Initiative are important for the promotion of European values, the development of intercultural communication and youth engagement, so as to prepare people to be active citizens and to be better equipped against misapprehension. I commend Odessa Primus’ leadership in taking this important initiative forward.
— Stefano Manservisi, Director-General for International Cooperation and Development, European Commission

Mission Statement

Our objective is to engage young students to partake in educational projects on media and politics so as to be involved and active in the civic sector.  We aim to produce a youth that questions the media, finds various news sources, and looks into the source of that news to assess its credibility and value.

This project wants to change the foundations of the way people think and learn.  Schools offer an in-depth education in various subjects, but often lack in providing tools for understanding, awareness and sustainable engagement in civic duties.  The world is more globalized than ever and an understanding of foreign affairs and cultures is essential for a peaceful and open-minded correlation of people and mobility.

The skills one needs to stay informed are constantly evolving, however the necessity to stay informed and active is more important than it ever was.  Information literacy is an essential attribute to the contemporary mind and Go Think is offering an innovative, inciting and sustainable method to keep the youth informed, engaged and active.

Not only do Go Think offer a course in Information Literacy, Ethical Journalism, and Media Literacy, but participants choose a topic they are not taught and Go Think deem important, and they explore it along with an additional experience (study trip, internship, work placement, volunteering trip abroad) and a final conference where they participate at a panel with professionals from the field and share what they’ve learned.

This can prepare people more effectively to be active citizens, to be better equipped against inadvertent ignorance and misapprehension, or even to be better business partners with foreign cultures.  Go Think Initiative’s focus is to create new approaches in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, where news media is going through a radical change, and the educational system struggles to keep pace with the speed of how technology influences the way we communicate and understand.  Go Think will develop courses, seminars and workshops to give citizens the tools to face this challenge.


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